Tears of Taris

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Additional information:

I got this entry with my Empire character as I was about to travel to the Tears of Taris as part of a quest I got on Corellia: Corporate Warfare.

Original Game Codex Text

One of the most storied Imperial vessels orbiting Corellia is the legendary “Tears of Taris,” a modified dreadnought built, in part, from the remains of a Centurion-class battle cruiser from the time of Darth Malak. The Centurion was part of the fleet that bombarded the Republic world of Taris over three hundred years ago; it changed hands many times over the centuries that followed, but it has always served the Sith in one form or another.When Darth Charnus became aware of the Centurion, he ordered it disassembled and its key elements integrated into his new dreadnought–an act to honor the vessel that had survived for so long. Now, it is a formidable ship built to besiege planets and deploy troops. Corellia is its greatest challenge yet.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 48
Planet: Corellia