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X: -2852, Y: 1138

Additional information:

Found them in Icefall Plains around X:-2852, Y:1138, Z:101. According the player Kilrathi even though they are not on sight, running around this location can make them pop up.

We would like to thank Articfox and Kilrathi for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

The tauntaun is an omnivorous reptomammal occupying a key position in Hoth’s ecosystem. Beyond providing a food source for wampas and the feline whitefangs, tauntauns also expand the planet’s natural tundra by spreading fast-growing moss and lichen to new growth areas. In fact, scientists speculate that Hoth’s limited fauna would quickly go extinct if the tauntauns disappeared.More important to Republic, Imperial and White Fang forces on Hoth, tauntauns provide the promise of a native means of traversing the icy plains. Adult tauntauns can move at speeds of up to ninety kilometers per hour–useful for outrunning all manner of foes. The trick, of course, is domesticating these notoriously ill-tempered beasts.

key facts
Level: 36
Planet: Hoth