Tatooine: Killed a Rare Vendor

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Additional information:

In order to get this codex , u need to kill one of the three friendly Vendor’s , at Outlaw Den , Jundland , Tatooine .
Vendor n1 : Jo’dath Exile ( X: -112 ; Y:-1442 ) ( to make him hostile , use Woman’s Bones that are in front of him ).
Vendor n2 : Blearg ( X:107 ; Y:-828) ( to make him hostile , use Stolen Bottle , which is in the tent behind him ).
Vendor n3 : Shifty Panaw ( X:-342 ; Y:-957 ) ( to make him hostile , use Broken Droid , that is in front of him ) .

Note: This is open pvp area , u will be pvp flagged in it . They might have a decent re spawn timer , and u might need to be lvl 50 in order to get it . Both Jo’dath Exile and Blearg are selling speeders .

We would like to thank to Myra , Meowth and Ajay (R2D2)for additional informations .

Original Game Codex Text

Tatooine: Killed a Rare Vendor

key facts
Level: 40
Planet: Unknown Planet