Szajin, the Hutt Archon

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Additional information:

[Empire]: You receive this codex, upon completing Stealing Thunder ( part: Defeat the Prototype Isotope-5 Droid / Reprogram the Automated Defenses ) mission.

Original Game Codex Text

Millennia ago, the Hutt Empire ruled hundreds of star systems. Among its officials were the Archons: part judge, part cultist, chosen to embody and enforce the ancient Hutt ways and maintain the purity of the Hutt Empire against all threats. When the Hutt Empire fell, the Archons faded with it. For three hundred years, Szajin has served as a “problem solver” inside the Hutt Cartel. Never aspiring to be a crime lord or mogul, never seeking public recognition or luxury beyond the basic extravagances due any Hutt, Szajin has long enjoyed the shadowy games of manipulation needed to maintain the Cartel’s power. But Szajin desires a return to greatness for his people. To this end, he has reclaimed the title of Archon and serves as a secret advisor to the Cartel’s leaders. Szajin is determined to see the return of a great Hutt Empire and take pride in his species once more.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 1
Planet: Makeb