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Additional information:

You receive this codex upon defeating Subteroth Lurker creature. Toboroo’s Palace – Secret Passage, Hutt Strongholds, North Makeb. There is a secret entrance that take you to the underground level, where you can find and kill Subteroth Lurker creature in order to acquire codex.

Another locations:
[Empire]: Volcanic Mesa, Magma Chamber, Underworld Carnivore Pack Leader ( X: -2482 ; Y: 2866 )

[Republic]: Volcanic Mesa, Secluded Shelf, Underworld Carnivore Pack Leader ( X: -2175 ; Y: 2592 ).

We would like to thank Yunikorn for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Subteroths linger in the nightmares of every Makeb explorer. Armored, muscular and utterly deadly, these hulking beasts typically live in deep underground caverns, where their eyes have atrophied over time. Instead, subteroths hunt using scent and the crest on the back of their head, a hypersensitive organ that picks up the electromagnetic fields of a prey’s heartbeat and transmits it directly to the subteroth’s nervous system. Makeb’s recent groundquakes have driven the subteroths out of their normal hunting grounds and toward the surface. Being surrounded by an abundance of prey and curious interlopers has driven the already-lethal subteroths into a feeding frenzy.

key facts
Level: 1
Planet: Makeb