Space Combat

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Additional information:

You get this Codex the first time you enter your spaceship (you get your spaceship by completing your class quest storyline up to the 2nd planet you visit).

Original Game Codex Text

Offensive Systems: Blaster cannons are the primary weapon system of most starships, and can be fired continuously. However, targets equipped with ray shielding cannot be damaged by blaster fire–these targets pulse blue when hit. Secondary weapons must be used against such targets. Missile launchers are a common secondary weapon system. Missile targets can be designated (or “painted”) by a ship’s target lock-on system, allowing multiple missiles to be fired at different targets simultaneously. With enough investment, it is possible to equip starships with powerful proton torpedo launchers. Defensive Systems: Shields are a ship’s first line of defense against damage. When upgraded with a regenerator, shields gradually repair themselves over time as long as the SHIP’S BLASTER CANNONS AREN’T FIRING. Ion cannon blasts–identifiable by their distinctive blue energy trails–can temporarily disable shield systems on impact, so it is critical to avoid them.

key facts
Level: 1
Planet: Unknown Planet