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Skyslashers are flying predators with a gruesome appearance, compact masses of bone, muscle and wings. Although they have poor eyesight, skyslashers have evolved a powerful sense of smell that allows them to not only detect victims at a distance, but tell whether they are injured or exhausted enough to be easy prey.The bad eyesight of skyslashers may be no accident. The Sith Lord Erindax had an interest in creating new species and bred the first skyslashers centuries ago as a hobby. He overestimated his control of the creatures, however, and was blinded in one eye when the flock suddenly turned on him. Afterward, Erindax engineered his skyslashers to be almost blind; either out of fear for his remaining eye, or to avenge himself on his wayward pets.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 10
Planet: Unknown Planet