She Who Greedily Devours

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Additional information:

Automatically given after killing the kell dragon in the daily quest “The Great Beast Hunt”, obtained from Arankau in the Rishii Village on Skyridge Island.

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Original Game Codex Text

The Rishii have always had to concern themselves with predators, but in all of their recorded history they have never encountered a terror as great as She Who Greedily Devours. The few Rishii who have survived her savage attacks do not know what else to call her, as they’ve never before seen a kell dragon–and very few anywhere in the galaxy have ever come across a kell dragon of this magnitude.“Kellie”, as she was once affectionately known, arrived on Rishi as the hatchling mascot of a new Outer Rim chapter of the Corellian Run Scoundrels. Soon these smugglers found that as Kellie quickly grew so did her appetite, making her cost-prohibitive as a pet. Fearing the prospect of bankruptcy, the Scoundrels’ leader callously dumped Kellie into a garbage scow where the kell dragon gorged herself on irradiated refuse for days, likely accounting for both her intimidating stature and surly disposition.

key facts
Level: 57
Planet: Rishi