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Additional information:

As soon as you land on Manaan, turn left and run toward the group of Selkath warriors, codex will pop.

We would like to thank Darth_Kaedmus and Tactis for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Selkath are a sleek, amphibious species native to the oceans of the planet Manaan. Diplomatic and family-oriented, they have traditionally been advocates of peace in the galaxy, taking a decidedly neutral political stance. Their homeworld is a major exporter (and formerly the sole source) of the medicinal fluid kolto, and it is the kolto trade that made the Selkath an influential force in the past.However, when the Empire first returned to the galaxy and launched its attacks on Republic worlds, Manaan was one of the first worlds to be devastated. A massive bombing destroyed most of the planet’s surface infrastructure, driving the Selkath to their underwater cities. Since then, the Selkath have mostly been cut off from the larger galaxy; those who were offworld when Manaan was attacked have largely been stranded, and only a few Selkath–mainly ambassadors seeking aid for their devastated planet–have left Manaan since.

key facts
Level: 1
Planet: Manaan