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X: -1876, Y: -1556

Additional information:

From non Hostile Sluggish Sandtusker (elite) in the Dune Sea.
Found the non-hostile Sluggish Sandtusker at another loc (in the southeast area of the Dune Sea), but that one didn’t give the Codex update

We would like to thank aDIK, dak and Synphyl for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Predators on Tatooine have learned to give the sandtusker a wide berth, as this reptilian scavenger is far from an easy meal. Protected by ridges of bone and capable of goring flesh with its tusks, a sandtusker not only repels attempts to prey on it, but often chases down and finishes off a would-be attacker. Sandtuskers mainly feed on carrion, and their powerful maws are capable of crunching through even krayt dragon bones to reach the nutrient-rich marrow inside.A platoon in the Republic’s Thirty-eighth Infantry–several members of which had lived on Tatooine–named its armored walker “the Sandtusker.” True to form, it carried the soldiers safely through the harshest battles of the Great War.

key facts
Level: 24
Planet: Tatooine