Sand Demon

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Additional information:

Jedi Knight: Obtainable upon killing the Strong rated Sand Demons inside The Sand Demon’s lair quest that give the update. Anyone can join a Jedi Knight on that particular stage in his quest and get the update by killing one of these.

Sith Warrior: Obtainable upon killing the Sand Demon in a quest line similar to Jedi Knights “The Sand Demon’s lair”.

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Original Game Codex Text

If not for the tall tales of desert nomads and a few grainy satellite reconnaissance images, Tatooine’s so-called “Sand Demon” would be considered a myth. Jawas say the Sand Demon is feared by all other life on the planet, including the mighty krayt dragon–for the Sand Demon is the krayt’s only predator. Some stories report that the beast is capable of “sand swimming,” gliding underneath the surface of the desert as if it were water. Others claim it bores through rock using its hardened, talon-like legs. Cave paintings suggest the Sand People believe the Sand Demon devours the life essence of its victims, growing stronger and tougher with each kill. They depict stories of centuries-old demons that have become immune to injury, a warning heeded by even the most skeptical outsiders.

key facts
Class: Sith Warrior, Jedi Knight
Level: 24
Planet: Tatooine