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Additional information:

Automatically obtained after defeating Ruugar in the operation “The Ravagers”.

We would like to thank commanderkeeva for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Every Ravager dreams of being captain. The man called Ruugar was no exception. Born into the Ravagers, Ruugar’s early life was relentlessly unforgiving, and he thrived on that adversity. As an adult, Ruugar used his gruff, one-of-us charisma to gain the loyalty of his fellow pirates, leading them in a near-bloodless mutiny against the reigning captain, the vicious tyrant O’kar A’ko. Ruugar had achieved his life’s goal.But all the renewed vigor and revelry spurred by a new and popular leader can only last so long, and eventually even the staunchest supporters start to find their eye drifting to the throne. While Ruugar can lay claim to the longest tenure as captain, it was a tenure that ended when his friend Coratanni sliced off Ruugar’s hand and tossed him overboard for the skar’klas to feed on.Through stark perseverance, Ruugar survived the ordeal. Now, one hand short but twice as determined, he’s ready to take another run at captaincy.

key facts
Level: 60
Planet: Rishi