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X: 100, Y: -60

Additional information:

Object is a plaque behind the rodian smuggler trainer in Fort Garnik. Located at 100, -60.

We would like to thank Chi, Rogan – Rogi and Redhotllama for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Rodians are a reptilian humanoid species hailing from the deadly tropical jungle planet Rodia. Their harsh and unforgiving natural habitat has shaped Rodians into an aggressively survivalist culture. A reputation for violent tendencies has pushed Rodians to the fringes of galactic society, as few other species trust them.The most noteworthy physical feature of Rodians is their large, multifaceted eyes, which allow them to detect another creature’s body heat even in near-total darkness. This gives Rodians a natural edge as hunters, leading many to pursue careers as bounty hunters or even less-savory professions.The negative stereotyping of Rodians is mostly unearned, however. Many among the species have channeled their biological adaptations and cultural inclinations toward more productive paths. Rodians serve proudly in the Republic military and Jedi Order, standing united with humans and other species to oppose the Sith Empire.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 2
Planet: Ord Mantell