Republic Relations with Balmorra

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X: 273, Y: -200

Additional information:

Inside Bugtown, right at the entrance on a shelf.

We would like to thank Ajay (R2D2)for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

The Republic government’s relationship with Balmorra’s people has been a complex, turbulent affair. Before Balmorra’s conquest, the planet was a proudly independent trading partner of the Republic; when the war came to Balmorra’s doorstep, the Republic offered troops and ships to help protect its ally.But Republic protection wasn’t enough. Balmorra was conquered, and after the Treaty of Coruscant the Republic officially withdrew its forces. For years afterward, small contingents of Republic troops left behind on the planet continued supporting the resistance in secret, but the Balmorran citizenry, as a whole, felt misused and abandoned.A recent covert operation involving small groups of SIS agents, Jedi and military advisors ended in disaster when the Empire hunted down these interlopers and forced the Republic to once again abandon the oppressed citizenry. Now that the Republic military has fully committed its forces to the planet, the resistance fighters and their government-in-exile are understandably wary of fully embracing the alliance.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 32
Planet: Balmorra