Republic Operational Headquarters

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Additional information:

As a republic player , u get it when u first time enter Quesh .

Original Game Codex Text

The Republic’s center of operations on Quesh was established roughly ten years ago. Initially housing civilian miners, medical professionals and scientists, these workers gradually moved on to smaller camps elsewhere. When the Empire attacked Quesh, the old miners’ quarters were quickly converted into a barracks and the entire site was turned over to the Republic military.Many newly arrived soldiers remark upon the Operational Headquarters’ light defenses, especially considering the high-level personnel stationed there. In fact, the headquarters’ best protection is the large Quesh venom pipelines nearby. In a dire emergency, the pipelines can be vented, causing a massive biohazard to slow any aggressors while personnel are evacuated.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 36
Planet: Quesh