Rebelling Slaves

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X: -84, Y: 446

Additional information:

This Codex Entry can be unlocked by finishing the Lightning In A Bottle Quest to the southeast of Kaas City.

We would like to thank Shepherd492 for additional information

Original Game Codex Text

Brought from off-world by Lord Qet to build a massive monument to Qet’s master, Darth Vowrawn, these slaves quickly rebelled, seizing industrial drills to destroy the unfinished statue and killing all who came to suppress their rebellion.Many theories abound as to how the rebellion started, and its duration suggests that other, more powerful parties have become involved in secretly supporting the rebels. This is the largest slave rebellion in Dromund Kaas history, and second only to the rebellion led by Dakar Sol on Malachor Five in the history of the Empire.Efforts have been made to contain the rebellion and keep it from spilling over into Kaas City, but the Dark Council has yet to act decisively on the matter, preferring to let the rebellion continue as a warning to overambitious Sith.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 11
Planet: Dromund Kaas