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Carida Corsairs. Corellian Run Scoundrels. Nova Blades. Rishi certainly has its fill of interstellar gangs staking their claim on the tropical world. But none are as feared as the home-grown band of ruthless pirates known as the Ravagers.The Ravagers began as a tight-knit group of intrepid youth who explored the planet’s many untouched isles in search of adventure and long-lost treasures. When they found a rusty old hoverbarge tucked away inside a vast cove, they set their minds to restoring the ship to working order so they could take it out for joyrides. But by the time the barge was restored, the children were adults–adults who had placed every last credit into their dream. The dire need to recoup their investment led the group down a murky path that began with simple heists and eventually led to bloody sieges on transport freighters.While these one-time innocents are now long dead, the dark legend they spawned lives on.

key facts
Level: 60
Planet: Rishi