Rakghouls on Corellia

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Life is strenuous enough in a world torn asunder by the throes of war, but when an emergency development like the rakghoul plague emerges, the citizens of Corellia have no choice but to summon up new levels of endurance and courage.To avoid the constant threat of bombings and looters, Selonians on the outskirts of Coronet City had repositioned their den-style homes far underground, surfacing only when it became absolutely necessary to acquire provisions. In the earliest days of the plague, rakghouls seeking an ideal foundation for their distinctive tunnel networks quickly invaded the dens. Hardened by their survivalist turn, however, the Sleonians found they were enough of a match to hold the rakghouls off–though not without many heart-rending casualties along the way.Eventually, the rakghouls found their way underground via Coronet City’s sewage system, but the Selonians who protected their dens from the growing epidemic can take some measure of satisfaction. Sometimes that’s all a survivor needs to keep hanging on.

key facts
Level: 1
Planet: Unknown Planet