Rakghoul Pandemic: 4 – The Sand People’s Cure

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Additional information:

You get this codex entry as part of doing the Daily Area quests that happen due to the Rakghoul Pandemic event on Tatooine. I got this codex entry while finishing the area quest called [Daily Area] Outbreak ( part Investigate Final Mural ), at the Jundland , Eastern Wound .

Original Game Codex Text

[An infected Sand People shaman lies dead. His records chronicle the Sand People’s quest for a cure to the plague that ravaged their tribe.]Detailed notes describe the shaman’s experiments. Rare desert plants, krayt dragon blood and ancient Sand People remedies were tested.During his experiments, the shaman contracted the virus from his test subject–an infected bantha. He raced to beat the disease before it destroyed his mind.The shaman finally found a cure. His antidote restored the infected bantha to health, but it failed to cure the shaman’s symptoms–the medicine only saves animals.In the last entry, the shaman despairs over his failure to save his tribe from the mystifying plague. The remaining records descend into the scrawlings of a mad man.

key facts
Level: 20
Planet: Unknown Planet