Rakghoul Pandemic: 2 – Captain Magnus

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X: -696, Y: -1672

Additional information:

You get this codex entry as part of doing the Daily Area quests that happen due to the Rakghoul Pandemic event on Tatooine. I got this codex entry while finishing the area quest called [Daily Area] Wreck of the Stardream.

Original Game Codex Text

[Recovered from the wreckage of the Stardream on Tatooine and the remains of an infected officer.]Communication Log of Captain MagnusAmy, guess what? Daddy’s flying a ship called the Stardream. A passenger even gave me a stuffed orokeet, just for you! Tell mom to get a cage–I’ll see you in a few days.—Sorry I missed your call, Yllen. I’ve been sick. The doctors said it’s an allergic reaction, but they weren’t stationed on Taris. It’s been years, but I swear I recognize the symptoms. Don’t tell Amy anything.—were working on control, Yllen. The outbreak started on Deck two. Probably by an animal, smething from Ord Mantell that spread the disease to everyone on board. doesn’t make any sense—amy everyones against us. my crew turned agnst me and sed it was 4 my protecshun. no ones stealing the stardream from me!!

key facts
Level: 20
Planet: Unknown Planet