Rakghoul Pandemic: 1 -The Final Flight of the Stardream

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X: -864, Y: -1724

Additional information:

You get this codex entry as part of doing the Daily Area quests that happen due to the Rakghoul Pandemic event on Tatooine. I got this codex entry while doing the second part of the area quest called [Daily Area] Wreck of the Stardream.

Original Game Codex Text

[Partial reconstruction of official ship’s log, found in wreckage in the Tatooine desert.]Stardream Flight Log Updated by Lieutenant Pursal:Day 1. Departure from Ord Mantell was on time at 0600 hours. Passenger count is 492, excluding crew and military personnel. Captain Magnus predicts a smooth flight.Day 5. Flight continues on schedule. Mild cases of food poisoning reported on civilian decks. The kitchen has been notified.Day 7. The illness has spread. Patients are feverish, violent and inhumanly strong. Ship doctors ruled out food poisoning. Civilian decks One through Five have been quarantined.Day 9. Captain Magnus has fallen ill. Doctors recommended bed rest, but he accused them of mutiny. Captain Magnus has now locked himself on the bridge and sent the Stardream off-course.The passengers are growing violent. The crew is sick, myself included.Day 12. The Stardream is lost in hyperspace. Infected passengers gather near the ship’s radioactive core while the crew readies to stop Captain Magnus and retake control. We will end this.

key facts
Level: 20
Planet: Unknown Planet