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Additional information:

It is actually tied to the Czerka quest line. It is given during the misson The Thing Czerka Found

We would like to thank to Azazael for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Ten thousand years before the formation of the Republic, the Rakata ruled much of the known galaxy. War-like and cruel, strong in the Force and technologically advanced, they enslaved or wiped out every civilization they encountered. At its peak, nearly five hundred conquered worlds paid tribute to the Rakata Infinite Empire.However, the Rakata’s rapid expansion came to an abrupt end when a strange plague swept through the species. Millions died, and most of those who survived lost their connection to the Force. Suddenly vulnerable, the Rakata were unable to suppress a massive outbreak of violent slave uprisings.The liberated worlds destroyed the creations and records of their defeated overlords, wiping out almost all trace and knowledge of the Rakata in the greater galaxy. A few thousand Rakata survivors–all that remained of the Infinite Empire–retreated to their hidden homeworld of Lehon, where they descended into barbarism.

key facts
Level: 24
Planet: Tatooine