Quesh Venom Refinery

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X: 679, Y: -595

Additional information:

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Original Game Codex Text

As the Republic’s main source of processed Quesh venom, the Quesh Venom Refinery is one of the most secure locations on the planet. Cut by droids from a ravine created by the Quake thousands of years ago, the stone quarried was used to build the high walls around the refinery. The main courtyard is under constant guard, and access is restricted to dignitaries and scientific experts. This refinery is actually the second that the Republic built on Quesh. The first was destroyed when contaminants polluted the refining process, causing the processed Quesh venom to eat through the vats and then the lower refinery floor. The high walls around the current refinery are not only for defensive purposes, but to contain any future accidents or acts of sabotage.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 36
Planet: Quesh