Outpost Traken-4

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X: -795, Y: 651

Additional information:

I got this codex entry at X: -795 Y: 651 Z: 136. This is just north of a medical droid and close to a speeder, where you can pick up the quest ‘Escape and Evade’ .

We would like to thank to Daklerid for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Named for the old Traken-4 ChemWorks, Outpost Traken-4 is now held by the Balmorran resistance. The ChemWorks were destroyed in the Imperial bombardment of Balmorra, and the entire area surrounding the outpost is covered in pools of deadly chemical waste. The toxic pools have been a boon to resistance defenders at the outpost–the choke points leading around the pools are well defended, making a large-scale assault impossible. Resistance fighters stationed at the outpost must rotate to other locations on Balmorra frequently, however: the long-term effects of exposure to the chemical waste are unknown.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 16
Planet: Balmorra