Oradam Village

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X: -217, Y: 20

Additional information:

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Original Game Codex Text

In contrast to the working-class origins of Talloran village, Oradam was a beachfront paradise for wealthy trader-barons and their families. These men and women spent their profits constructing elaborate homes and relaxing by the sea. Their freely flowing credits attracted numerous merchants and artisans to Oradam, many of whom remained long after their wealthy patrons fled.Oradam is the last uncontested Republic village on the island of Avilatan, partially because it holds very little strategic significance. Its importance to the separatists is mostly symbolic. Republic strategists theorize that if the encroaching separatists were to successfully invade Oradam, the enemy would most likely burn the village to the ground as a way of spiting the corrupt upper class.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 7
Planet: Ord Mantell