Operation: Ghostbreaker (Agent)

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Original Game Codex Text

Category: Recruitment / Threat Elimination Location: Tatooine Date: Classified Primary: Cipher Nine Secondary: NoneOperational Summary: Informant (Mia Hawkins) contacted Intelligence from inside elite terrorist organization “ghost cell” and agreed to help dismantle the organization. Cipher Nine located ghost cell training grounds and eliminated the leader, known as the “Old Man,” despite enemy attempts to replace the Cipher with a disguised ghost cell operative.Notes: The ghost cell’s training techniques are exceptional. See associated files for details; however, be aware that not all ghost cell operatives were identified during this sweep. Individuals able to use the cell’s holographic disguise technology may still be active elsewhere, appearing as anyone. They should be considered a threat, but their methods, if duplicated, would be valuable to Imperial Intelligence.Cross-reference: Mia Hawkins, Neyla Hawkins, Cobalt Flag, Eagle, Dominator, Ghost Cell

key facts
Faction: Empire
Class: Imperial Agent
Level: 24
Planet: Tatooine