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X: -633, Y: 1230

Additional information:

Another loc: -686, 886.
Nexu is a Strong mob, easy to kill.

For Republic: At coordinates (X: -1128 Y: 902) there are some yellow mobs called Young Nexu. Killing one of these awarded this codex entry for me. There are a few more of these mobs around (X: -1072 Y: 949) too.
Empire side is Prowler Nexu – strong mob around (X: -674 Y: 893). just south of Bomber Command Post

We would like to thank Atrich,Kirk, Jamie and rpotor for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Native to the forests of the planet Cholganna, the feline nexu have become alpha predators throughout the galaxy over the past few centuries, adapting to new environments through a natural hardiness and a quick reproductive cycle. Packs of nexu have been found roaming the tundra of Mygeeto and the steaming jungles of Rodia, equally adept at stalking and killing prey. Nexu are recognized in many cultures as an icon of viciousness, and several Mandalorian clans have taken the creature as their symbol. Some xenobiologists argue that nexu are far less violent than common wisdom suggests, and that it’s the activities of sentient beings that agitate the cats. Left alone, they’re smart, capable and strong–but not cruel or aggressive.

key facts
Level: 16
Planet: Taris