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X: 438, Y: -211

Additional information:

It’s inside the Tower of Prophecy, behind the last column before the wall in the middle of the room you enter into.Note, you do NOT go upstairs! It looks like a small suitcase of some sorts, might be a Datapad or something.

We would like to thank Progenitor , Olavi and John for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

No Voss are more revered than the Force-sensitive Mystics. Individuals with extraordinary gifts of healing and prophecy, Mystics most often live in seclusion, using their talents to guide their people.Mystic visionaries experience prophetic visions, which are carefully studied by interpreters at the Tower of Prophecy before being passed on to the ruling Three; it is said that no Mystic’s vision has failed to come true, giving immense weight to any statement by a Mystic visionary. At the Shrine of Healing, Mystic healers use intense meditation and rituals to cure their patients, often of ailments that resist any other treatment.Becoming a Mystic is a difficult path. After years of training, the most promising potential Mystics go on a pilgrimage across Voss, visiting holy sites in the dangerous Gormak lands and learning from their elders. Even then, not all potentials succeed. The very few who come into their full power as Mystics return triumphantly to Voss-Ka to be recognized by the Three.

key facts
Level: 44
Planet: Voss