Mutated Colicoid

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X: 1279, Y: 228

Additional information:

Location 1: Balmorran Arms Factory – Power Center, west part. Mutated Colicoids that gives codex upon killing have severe respawn timer.

Location 2: Mutated Colicoids can be found inside the Sith Inquisitor phase instance, Northwestern Balmorran Arms Factory – Power Center. You can get there from Balmorran Arms Factory level 2. You can also find Mutated Colicoids in the western Balmorran Arms Factory, but at this moment, there is no road that leads directly to this particular part of the map, but, there is a path through Sith Inquisitor Phase.

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Original Game Codex Text

The product of secretive experiments conducted on Balmorra prior to the Imperial invasion, the mutated Colicoids are mindless, bloodthirsty insectoids with many legs and sharp claws. Originally created in the lab facility known colloquially as Bugtown, these monstrosities escaped during the Empire’s conquest and have overrun parts of Balmorra (including the lab facilities where they were created). The creatures seem particularly drawn to Balmorra’s hazard vaults and other zones of heavy pollution. By feeding on the toxic waste, they appear to grow stronger and more vicious.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 18
Planet: Balmorra