Moff Dracen

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X: 508, Y: 122

Additional information:

Republic: After u finish the mission Cartel Crushing.

Empire: You get this codex after you complete a conversation with Moff Dracen on Quesh in the Imperial Garrison – Bunker Level 2, @ X:315,Y:1681, while on the quest Toxic Clash.

We would like to thank gasguy for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Moff Dracen is both a canny commander and a meticulous student of the art of war. Although confident of an eventual Imperial victory, he has been careful to win over elements within the Three Families and recruit Republic defectors, knowing the Empire’s foothold on Quesh is not yet cemented.His most notable achievement on Quesh is the capture of Broga the Hutt’s palace, a key defensive position he has since adopted as his fallback headquarters and private residence–after some refurnishing. It is Moff Dracen’s private hope that a victory on Quesh will not only begin the Republic’s inevitable fall, but perhaps see him installed as governor of one of the galaxy’s most profitable worlds.

key facts
Level: 36
Planet: Quesh