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X: 720, Y: 390

Additional information:

Gotten in Nightmare Lands ,Boneyard heroic area , from a Thalak Mawvorr ( strong ).

We would like to thank Dlvan and Herumor for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Carnivorous beasts that stalk the wilderness outside Voss-Ka, mawvorrs are generally considered opportunistic hunters. They prefer striking at whatever wounded predators or wandering humanoids they come across to carefully hunting and stalking their food, though in packs they exhibit increased aggression and have been known to attack even the mighty vorantikus.Mawvorrs also typically attack Gormak on sight, though they refuse to eat the bodies afterwards. This odd behavior has led the Voss to perceive mawvorrs as guardians or protectors who abhor the Gormak. Because of this, the Voss take steps to maintain the mawvorr population around Voss-Ka.This symbiotic relationship can be taken to extremes during times when the mawvorr food supply is low. There is a historical account of a Mystic’s vision resulting in unarmed Voss wandering out into the wilderness and allowing themselves to be devoured by mawvorr packs.

key facts
Level: 44
Planet: Voss