Master Wyellett (Warrior)

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Jedi Master Wyellett was one of the great Jedi heroes of the last war. Deeply concerned with the preservation of life and more interested in communing with the Force than in using his power as a weapon, he nonetheless proved himself in combat time and again. When his apprentice Xerender battled Darth Baras, Wyellett joined Xerender and sought to redeem the Sith; failing, Wyellett seized Baras’s lightsaber and chose to use it as his own, a symbol of darkness brought into the light.Wyellett’s final heroic act was an act of self-sacrifice committed to save his Padawan Xerender and much of the Jedi Council from the legendary Starweird Queen; this resulted in his capture by the Empire. The Imperial starship that was transporting Wyellett was destroyed in the Battle of Hoth, and Master Wyellett has been believed dead all these years. In fact, Wyellett has been in a trance beneath the rubble of the fallen ship, psychically trying to reach out to his former pupil. Now, Wyellett has transcended the concerns of this galaxy and his powers are more realized than ever before.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Class: Sith Warrior
Level: 36
Planet: Hoth