Master of the Revanites

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Additional information:

Obtainable once you complete the Flashpoint: Legacy of the Rakata.

Original Game Codex Text

Jedi turned Sith turned Jedi again: the life of Revan has been one of great contradiction. But when the Sith Emperor imprisoned Revan for more than three hundred years, Revan’s ambitions became focused as never before, seeking to use his affinity with the Force to secretly influence his jailor. But Revan became unhinged in the end, and careened once more toward the dark side. Escaping imprisonment in a mad bid to destroy the Emperor for good, he was stopped by an Imperial strike force and believed dead. If Revan has returned from the brink to lead the order that bears his name, it could be that his temperament has evened to suit the Revanites’ key tenet of maintaining balance in the Force. Then again, considering that the Order of Revan was formed out of a deep devotion to his deeds, it’s possible they would do anything Revan decreed regardless of his reasoning or intent. Since “Revan” has decided to make his presence known, it is undoubtedly only a matter of time before speculation gives way to certainty.

key facts
Level: 55
Planet: Rakata Prime