Master Kellian Jarro (Bounty Hunter)

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Additional information:

This entry is awarded once you accept the class mission The Mandalorian Killer.

We would like to thank to Cobalt Praetorian and Gasguy for additional information .

Original Game Codex Text

Jedi Master Kellian Jarro is both hated and respected among the Mandalorians for his actions during the Sacking of Coruscant. As the Jedi Temple burned, Master Jarro single-handedly eliminated over one hundred battle-hardened Mandalorian commandos in the streets of Galactic City.The survivors described him as an unstoppable force of nature, deflecting heavy blaster fire and slamming armor-plated warriors to the ground so hard that their rocket packs exploded on impact. Nearly half of Master Jarro’s victims came from the venerable Clan Spar, which swore an oath to repay the debt. Unfortunately, the clan members were executed for crimes against the Empire before they could make good on that promise.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Class: Bounty Hunter
Level: 32
Planet: Unknown Planet