Lord Sadic (Knight)

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X: 2151, Y: 2876

Additional information:

U get it when u defeat Lord Sadic , quest mob from a quest

Original Game Codex Text

Lord Sadic is one of Darth Angral’s most powerful–and power-hungry–apprentices. Born to lower-class parents barely one step above Imperial slaves, Sadic quickly demonstrated a strong will, Force sensitivity and unrestrained ambition. He was the only acolyte of his group to survive the Sith trials on Korriban. Some say this was more than just luck. A string of unexplained murders at the Sith Academy abruptly ended when Sadic finally left Korriban.Initially apprenticed to Lord Umbriss, Sadic served as his master’s personal assassin for several years. That apprenticeship ended the same day Umbriss crossed Darth Angral, who “inherited” Sadic along with Umbriss’s estate and wealth. Although Sadic pledged eternal loyalty to his new master, Darth Angral kept his apprentice on a tight leash. Angral recognized that of all his servants, Sadic was the one most likely to kill him.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Class: Jedi Knight
Level: 20
Planet: Nar Shaddaa