Legend of the Shining Man (Agent)

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The Voss do not, as a rule, welcome outsiders. They see themselves as unique in the galaxy, chosen by prophecy, and believe that non-Voss play another role altogether.The Shining Man–who called himself Albathius upon his arrival–is the only known exception. He was first seen in the plazas of Voss-Ka, haggard and seeking food. No holocam or ship manifest recorded how he came to the planet, and he offered no explanation.In a matter of days, the Shining Man ingratiated himself with the Voss, living and working among them. To the intelligence services observing, it was clear Albathius was more than he appeared–but by the time they began a detailed investigation, the Shining Man had become part of the culture, participating in Voss rituals and being adopted into a Voss family.When the Shining Man died in his home, his status was cemented as a near-holy figure. If he had been assassinated, his enemies had made a martyr of him.If he had chosen death himself, he had made the ultimate commitment to his cover. The only question was “Why?”

key facts
Faction: Empire
Class: Imperial Agent
Level: 44
Planet: Voss