Law and Order on Voss (Smuggler)

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The legal system of Voss can be especially perplexing to offworlders, many of whom are surprised to discover criminal gangs like the Exchange operating openly on the planet. Calls by Republic officials to close down these centers of illicit trade have been met with puzzlement and refusal by the Voss, who see no harm in encouraging free trade between their people and offworlders.Crime among Voss is nonexistent, and Voss law is a much simpler affair than the regulations governing Republic and Imperial worlds. Voss laws are established by the Mystics, enforced by the commandos and judged by the adjudicators. This last group was recently formed solely for offworlders, as no Voss citizen would ever violate their rulers’ edicts.

key facts
Class: Smuggler
Level: 44
Planet: Voss