Krayt Dragon

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X: -1226, Y: -786

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The Dune Sea

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Original Game Codex Text

Enormous predatory lizards that prowl the dunes of Tatooine, krayt dragons are both feared and revered by the Jawas and Sand People that share their world. Slaying one of the fearsome beasts was once a rite of passage for young Sand People warriors, and the Jawa believe krayt bones possess mystical properties.For all their importance to Tatooine’s native cultures, however, krayt dragons are extraordinarily rare and quite possibly extinct–no living krayt has been seen in decades. Nonetheless, their towering skeletons are a testament to their power and majesty, and a pilgrimage to the legendary krayt graveyard remains a holy ritual in many Sand People tribes.

key facts
Level: 24
Planet: Tatooine