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X: 2705, Y: 342

Additional information:

You get this codex once you kill one of the Krakjya in Yavin 4. Forest Krakjya that dropped the codex for me is located in western Prowler’s Trail.

Original Game Codex Text

The golden-hued and black-striped pelage of the krakjya instills in those who behold the tropical feline a notion of majestic beauty, but maintaining that affectation would be a mistake. Krakjyas are savage predators, acting only in regard to self-preservation without anything resembling decorum or elegance. Powerful back muscles allow krakjyas to leap great distances and pin down quarry several times their own weight long enough to render it lifeless with their long, sharp teeth. Even the great Massassi warriors of Yavin 4 know better than to face a krakjya without lots of backup.

key facts
Level: 58
Planet: Yavin 4