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Additional information:

Obtainable within the Flashpoint – Depths of Manaan. You have to Kick/break any of the Unrefined Kolto barrels to receive the codex entry.

We would like to thank Anne Hande for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Kolto is a medicinal fluid found naturally on the planet Manaan. Highly valued for its ability to heal, kolto can be found in use in hospitals, clinics and medical bays throughout the galaxy. It also has obvious applications for military use, helping soldiers to recover more quickly from wounds sustained in the throes of war.The Selkath of Manaan strictly regulate the trade of their monopolistic supply of kolto. For this reason, many Republic and Imperial scientists have attempted to synthesize kolto. While a few less reliable, less stable caches of lab-procured kolto do exist, they are poor substitutes for the real thing.

key facts
Level: 1
Planet: Manaan