Kintan Crusher

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X: -227, Y: -1538

Additional information:

Gained from killing a strong Kintan in The Tomb area of Belsavis (Caves of the Primeval Wardens)

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Original Game Codex Text

Kintan crushers, also known as “Kintan enforcers,” are savage, brutish creatures native to the Nikto homeworld of Kintan. They are characterized by their stocky builds, powerful arms and large, meaty fists. Crushers are notably smarter than their cousins, the Kintan striders, and are rarely seen in the wild thanks to centuries of “domestication” by the Hutts; the Kintan crushers’ ability to follow complex commands and pound their victims into jelly inspired the Hutts to employ them as reliable and obedient footsoldiers. Many speculate as to how the Hutts pay their Kintan enforcers, with guesses ranging from the absurd to the grotesque.

key facts
Level: 40
Planet: Belsavis