King’s Pass

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X: 1967, Y: 905

Additional information:

Just south of empire outpost talarn thranta.
I got this codex entry simply when following the main road from Juran to the King’s Pass right when the map changed at X:2400, Y:592.

We would like to thank Ly’nzza and JattaGin for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Thousands of years ago, before the noble houses had united to form the Alderaanian parliament, the warring families gathered for a decisive battle at the ravine now known as King’s Pass. Before the fighting could commence, Darrus Alde, the head of House Alde, parleyed with the other noble families and convinced them to abandon their centuries-old rivalries. His decisive leadership ended generations of strife and led to the construction of the Elysium, where Darrus was elected and anointed as the first king of Alderaan.In recent years, the native Killiks have repopulated the area, provoking increasingly violent skirmishes with the neighboring Alderaanians. The ravine’s strategic location has also made it a hotbed of violence between the major noble houses as they struggle for control.

key facts
Level: 30
Planet: Alderaan