Kell Dragon

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Additional information:

This Codex entry is acquired in the Scum and Villainy operation, just before facing Dread Master Styrak, the seventh and final boss.
After defeating the Cartel Warlords, you’ll have to go through some winding corridors and you’ll eventually come across a bridge. There is a skull on the far side of the bridge, left of the cave entrance.
Click on the skull to obtain the Kell Dragon entry.

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Original Game Codex Text

Vicious predators known for their powerful jaws and thickly scaled hides, kell dragons have become a favorite pet and status symbol among the galaxy’s crime lords and collectors of exotic creatures. Almost all currently documented kell dragons were bred in captivity and trained specifically for battle in underworld fighting pits, despite the illegal nature of such activities throughout most of the galaxy.Although genetically related to the famed krayt dragons of the planet Tatooine, the homeworld of the smaller kell dragons remains unknown. Some biologists believe the creatures may have been specifically bred from their larger cousins, though how anyone could control the breeding of such colossal and destructive creatures is anyone’s guess.

key facts
Level: 50
Planet: Unknown Planet