Kath Hound

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X: 1550, Y: 536

Additional information:

Ilum codex found on Alderaan. Obtainable upon killing Feral Kath Hound in The Juran Mountains (X: 1595, Y: 592). Some reports say that killing the trained kath hound on the north steps of house alde, might result in acquiring codex as well.

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Original Game Codex Text

Native to Dantooine, kath hounds are sturdy, horned creatures with a ruff of fur. Although they can be aggressive if threatened or during mating season, they are normally docile, intelligent creatures who take well to training. Kath hounds are popular across the galaxy as guard dogs and pets (although the latter usually have their horns trimmed as a precaution).Albino kath hounds are rare and highly prized by breeders. On Dantooine, seeing an albino kath hound is considered lucky; there are even stories of albino hounds protecting people lost in the hills. While these stories are unlikely to be more than legends, an albino kath hound is large and intimidating enough to frighten off Dantooine’s worst predators, kinraths, which certainly would prey on lost travelers.

key facts
Level: 50
Planet: Alderaan