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X: -670, Y: 2103

Additional information:

Fixed in patch 2.3.1 . Obtained upon killing any Kaleesh mob in Southwestern High Security area, Belsavis.

We would like to thank Nexsis and Drake for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

The proud, honorable and deadly Kaleesh warriors are a relatively recent arrival to the civilized galaxy, but both the Republic and Empire already respect the species for its martial talent. Thanks to their imposing bone masks, Kaleesh are also highly sought-after as enforcers by status-conscious members of the criminal underworld. Wealthy Hutts employ Kaleesh bodyguards as a pointed warning to any upstarts who might challenge the Hutt Cartel’s power.Individual Kaleesh project a stoic fatalism mixed with a surprisingly deep spirituality. Their core belief is that those who perform great deeds in life become immortal, godlike beings upon their deaths. Kaleesh warriors therefore seek only the greatest challenges to overcome. Anything less means risking an ignominious–and permanent–demise.

key facts
Level: 1
Planet: Unknown Planet