Item Modifications

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There are several version of this Codex Entry and its different for each starter planet.

Original Game Codex Text

Throughout your adventures, you may find items that can be modified. By modifying an item, the player can upgrade the stats of an item and keep that item up-to-date. Items that are modifiable can be identified by having the text CTRL + right-click to modify at the bottom of their tooltip. Many items are fully upgradeable, meaning that their stats can be fully upgraded. This means that if you find a gear appearance that you really like in the world, you can work to keep its stats up-to-date and relevant throughout most of your adventures. Some items will drop with most of their modification slots empty. Other items come preslotted – the benefits of modding these items will come later, when you decide to upgrade its internal components. The common mod types, enhancements and mods, can fit in all items. However, ‘Armoring’ can only upgrade wearable equipment, ‘Hilts’ can only upgrade lightsabers and melee weapons, and ‘Barrels’ can only upgrade pistols. These special mods are also responsible for upgrading the core stats of the item (the armor rating of wearable gear, or the damage output of a weapon). Color crystals are another special kind of mod – these rarer modifications can be used to change the color of your lightsaber or blaster bolts.

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Level: 1
Planet: Unknown Planet