Intelligence Report: Castellan Mind Control (Agent)

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CLASSIFIED REPORT / DO NOT REMOVE FROM INTELLIGENCE ARCHIVESSummary: The Castellan restraints are designed for limited behavior modification in a high-risk subject. In effect, the subject is programmed to react to a keyword with total obedience. Long-term commands can be implanted, but with lowered effectiveness. Once programming is activated, the subject will be aware of his inability to control his actions but unable to revolt.Procedure: Subject must first be primed with a dosage of the IX serum; the serum can be applied to the subject discreetly (e.g., during a routine medcenter visit) but should be formulated based on a detailed accounting of physical and psychological factors.The serum circulates over a period of between three and thirty days, effectively altering the subject’s brain chemistry. Once the serum is fully absorbed and the subject is primed, subject must be imprinted over the course of several hours. A trained handler will designate a permanent keyword that will activate the subject’s programming and open him to commands. Long-term commands, if desired, can be implemented at this time.No way to reverse the treatment has been developed. Theoretically, one could repeat the cycle and apply a new keyword–overwriting old programming–but the physical side effects of repeated IX serum usage could prove inhibiting.Notes: The Minister of Intelligence disapproves of widespread use of Castellan restraints on Imperial Intelligence personnel, but has agreed that limited trials are appropriate.Cross-reference: SLV serum series, IX serum, Quesh, dimalium-6

key facts
Faction: Empire
Class: Imperial Agent
Level: 40
Planet: Unknown Planet