Imperial War Strategy: Quagmires

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Got this entry for completing the Hoth bonus missions

We would like to thank Empio for additional information.

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The Empire, vastly outnumbered by the Republic, knows it cannot win every battle it fights–so more creative tactics are in order. By sending diversionary forces to the deadly ice world of Hoth and generating intelligence chatter about the search for a vital weapon, the Empire hopes to lure the Republic into a military quagmire–a battle the Republic cannot win, but cannot abandon due to its importance. In so doing, the Empire will divert precious Republic resources away from its true objectives.This is not the first time the Empire has employed such a strategy. Centuries ago, during the Empire’s initial expansion into the sectors surrounding Dromund Kaas, quagmires were used to effectively paralyze minor alien worlds while nearby resources were gathered. Since then, the strategy has remained a valued weapon in the Imperial military arsenal.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 36
Planet: Hoth