Imperial Military on Balmorra

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Additional information:

For Empire:
I found this lore object on Balmorra at X = -604, Y = 1650 in the Markaran Outpost, in a tent.

For Republic:
X: 275 Y:-190

We would like to thank Omegus, Roland Kapeller and toto for additional information and Andmayer , Drakkon DarkBlade for sending us the screenshot.

Original Game Codex Text

The Imperial military presence on Balmorra is understaffed and undersupplied. After the incredible success of the initial bombardment, the Imperial military has been harassed at every turn by Balmorran resistance fighters while more pressing conflicts elsewhere in the galaxy draw the attention of Imperial High Command.The military makes its headquarters in Sobrik, where it is commanded by the thirteenth Imperial governor of Balmorra since the bombardment–along with those officers unfortunate enough to have been assigned to the military quagmire.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 16
Planet: Balmorra