House Panteer

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Additional information:

For Empire Side:
There’s a flag at the end of cave Panteer Refuge.
The flag is deep into the Panteer Hideout, behind Darth Viktus and Lord Aurren Panteer, X:-1510, Y:206.

For Republic
It’s at the end of Panteer Refuge cave in The Glarus Valley at X:-1540, Y:-1000. Entrance to the cave is X:-1590, Y:-690

We would like to thank Juan, Drangar, Stefan and Andmayer for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Arguably the most blue-blooded of the noble houses, House Panteer has put more kings and queens on the Alderaanian throne than all other families combined. Panteer rulers have been called both patriots and pragmatists–traditionally, they have been believers in the beauty of Alderaan and patrons of the arts who nonetheless accept that a lie, a betrayal or even a dagger can be a sad political necessity. The last uncontested ruler of Alderaan was a proud Panteer queen who had earned the respect–if not always the love–of both friends and adversaries.When Bouris Ulgo declared himself king, House Panteer immediately challenged his rule. Ulgo responded by burning the Panteer estates to the ground and forcing the survivors into hiding, bringing the family low after millennia. While many nobles still see the Panteers as rightful heirs to the Alderaanian throne, and many others seek Panteer’s blessing to legitimize their own claims to the crown, the Panteers remain suspicious–wondering about the circumstances behind their downfall, and hoping to reclaim lost glory.

key facts
Level: 28
Planet: Alderaan